With Rokt Self-Serve, you’ll connect with new customers the moment they’ve made a purchase on top e-commerce sites, and present them with an offer you'll know they want.

You’ll reach new customers, and get the data to make the relationship last. And, you’ll only pay for results.




Your future customer makes a purchase on a major
e-commerce site.


You show them a relevant offer.


At that moment, they
opt into a conversation
with you.


You nurture
your relationship with
personalized outreach.


And use data and
insights to optimize
your spend.


Traditionally, brands have relied on display, search and social to achieve online growth. Rokt is quickly becoming the fourth pillar of digital customer acquisition.



Target consumers in a buying mindset

Consumers who are making purchase decisions are 2x more likely to engage with marketing offers because they are in a buying mindset.

Buyer-led engagement model based on consent

Your marketing offers are natively inserted into the buying journey and buyers have the option of inviting your brand into their lives if it suits them.

Pay for results

Only pay for results, and utilize either a CPR (Cost-Per-Referral) or CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaign to reach your marketing objectives.

Brand association and alignment

Associate with the world’s leading brands and align your offers to maximize engagement and improve conversions.

Target existing and/or net new customers

Target net new customers only by suppressing your existing database. Increase loyalty program signups by targeting only your customers, or do both.

Streamlined and native engagement process

Offer a frictionless experience whereby it’s seamless for a user to opt-in to your marketing offers, while at the same time providing you with all the data you need to convert that user into a customer.

Viewability and transparency of ad placement

Having your ad appear next to questionable content or in places where bots can be used to drive up your spend offers poor transparency. Owned marketplaces can help with this problem.

Accurate end-to-end conversion tracking

Track consumers from the point they invite your brand into their lives all the way through to the moment they purchase from you.

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What is Rokt Self-Serve?

Rokt Self-Serve enables you to serve ads and marketing messages to consumers just after they’ve made a purchase on leading e-commerce sites, like Ticketmaster, Groupon, eBay, Fanatics, etc. That’s right, we can help you partner with the world's biggest brands. Through this you can generate new email subscribers, direct people to your website, and get phone leads. Customers already in the ‘buying mindset’ are much more open to interacting with marketing offers, making them more likely to not only engage with your offer, but become your customer.

What do I get with a Rokt Self-Serve campaign?

You can use the Rokt network to acquire new email signups, direct traffic to your website or landing page for app downloads, or acquire phone leads for high-involvement sales. You also get a customer success manager who will help you optimize your spend and increase conversions.

How does Rokt Self-Serve work?

Simple. You create a campaign, complete your audience targeting and bid price, write your ad (e.g., Sign up to our newsletter for 20% off your next footwear purchase), and you’re done. The next thing you’ll see is data coming in from all the people engaging with your ad on the Rokt network. The best part, you’ll only be charged when a user clicks on your ad, enters their email address or phone number, and is directed to your site. With Rokt, you’ll only pay for results.

Where will my Ad appear?

Rokt’s list of leading e-commerce partners includes Ticketmaster, Groupon, eBay, Fanatics, etc. As Rokt is a marketplace with thousands of advertisers, your bid price and the engagement rate of your ad creative (how many people click on it vs. how many see it) play a key role in determining where your ad is placed within our network.

How do I start?

Easy. Get started by clicking Sign Up. This will take you to our onboarding journey where you get to create your first Rokt Self-Serve campaign from scratch. This will unlock a $250 coupon to use toward your campaign, and in turn, new customers. It’s our treat. We’re backing you because we believe in you.

How does the Rokt Self-Serve bidding system work for ad placements?

Rokt Self-Serve operates a true marketplace, whereby advertisers bid for certain ad placements within the network. Set the maximum amount you want to pay per action (more than $1), and our system will auto-bid on placements for you in 1-cent increments until you’ve reached your maximum bid price. And as we said, you only pay for action: when someone signs up to receive emails from you, clicks to be directed to your website, or gives you consent to call them.

Can I cancel my campaign at any time?

Absolutely. With Rokt Self-Serve, you’re in the driver’s seat. Use your dashboard to create and edit campaigns, audiences, and ad creative. Managing and setting campaign end dates is just one of the many features available to you.

What makes Rokt Self-Serve different from other channels?

Ah, glad you asked! Consumers in a buying mindset are open to engaging with other brands, making them more likely to connect with you and give you consent to reach out. Unlike other platforms, you’re aligning yourself with leading e-commerce brands to boost credibility. And, you never have to worry about your ad being placed next to questionable content—we make sure every offer is relevant for your future customers. Lastly, we use email addresses as a unique identifier, which enables you to track conversions with approximately 90% accuracy (compared with industry averages of 30% for pixel tracking).

Results are everything to me. How does Rokt Self-Serve track results?

Rokt Self-Serve knows the email addresses of all the people who transact on our network. Whether you want email signups or traffic to your site, we use email as a unique identifier. Simply drop a few lines of code on your checkout page and the conversions will show up in your dashboard. This gives you the full suite of information, from how many people viewed your ad, to how many people clicked on it, to most importantly, how many actually made a purchase.

What marketing platforms does Rokt Self-Serve integrate with?

Rokt Self-Serve currently integrates with a range of email marketing platforms - like Mailchimp - ensuring that your email signups can be sent by API directly to your platform for easy use. Rokt also integrates with Zapier, which connects your favorite apps such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and over 750 more. Use this to connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without relying on developers. It’s easy enough that anyone can build their own workflows with just a few clicks.