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We hope you’re enjoying the first of several Happy Bundles and insights on the opportunity The Happiest Place in Digital -- your confirmation page -- has to offer.

 For years, brands have leveraged the concept of retail therapy, and now it has been proven that this concept converts to an even more powerful opportunity in e-commerce -– an opportunity to further engage your consumers when they’re on your confirmation page – where both the mind and wallet are open.

The Happiest Place in Digital report explores consumers’ emotions when taking part in various digital activities, including shopping, social media, and search activity. The report uncovers that mindset and emotion dictate much of the opportunity for the confirmation page on sites like yours.

Download this research paper to understand:

  • The power of the confirmation page, with three-quarters of consumers worldwide agreeing it’s the happiest place online
  • The science behind the happiest place in digital and how it provides you an untapped opportunity to further engage your customers
  • How online shopping is winning the battle for consumer attention providing a prime channel for marketing messages, whether your own or that of a 3rd-party to monetize